Ethical Issues That Affect the Success of a Business

Ethics refers to a prescribed or accepted code of conduct. Ethical issues are a set of moral values that need to be addressed while carrying out business. Businesses operate in a society that is structured around moral values.

Therefore, when conducting its operations, a business has certain responsibilities which are to provide the society with quality goods and services that will improve the people’s living standards.

In order to survive, a business needs to maintain its customers. Product packaging is one way of ensuring a business maintains its existing customers and also acquire new customers. Some companies are known to allow underweight packaging of products which are then highly priced and this is a rude way of increasing profits. However this negative trend will affect the business in the long run as customers will eventually come to learn that they are being swindled.

In an attempt to boost sales, some businessmen adapt promotional methods that mislead customers as the message conveyed may not give the exact details of the product.

Businesses should desist from increasing prices without valid reasons. In doing so, they will be taking advantage of the customer and this is unethical. Businessmen should also desist from taking part in corrupt practices such as selling low standard goods while bribing government officials in order to continue operating. Entrepreneurs should consider the effects of their activities on the society they serve.

In the long run, wrong dealings and corruption will tarnish the image of the business and have a negative effect on sales. Business people ought to comply with the law requirements and observe laid down principles of morality in their dealings. They should seriously consider expectations of the community they serve.

Ethical Issues in Business Are Growing Everyday

With the advancement of growing technologies, competitors in market are also growing. This had resulted in various ethical issues in any business. Every business organization must comply with these principles to be ethically valued. Some companies may tend to boost their sales by following various techniques, most common among them is the promotional adaptations, in which they will not completely give the details of the product and hence customers are in one way or the other defrauded.

Ethics covers a wider area in terms of business. Ethical values, one should follow in business should satisfy the customers, employee and employer. There are values that should be satisfied internally within the organization, between the employer and employee or between employees.

  1. Treating one or more employees with partiality is also unethical.
  2. The business organization should not give out the customer details to any other third parties without the consent of the customer in the written form. The customer is eligible to determine whether he would like to give his details to the third party or not, or which third party to choose and to terminate the details whenever he wishes.
  3. The company should be able to change the information of the customers whenever they request it to. In addition, the company should be able to retrieve the information whenever the customer wishes to. However, once the contracts of the clients are completed, or the customer is no longer within the company, then the information stored must be erased and they should never be sold out.

These are some of the ethical issues in business. These are also covered inside the legal terms for the customers provided by the law. Some violation of ethical values often occurs around us and we fail to notice them, since they have become a practice. The doctor should never give out the details of the patient to anyone. A lawyer must not appear for a client that one of his previous clients have sued. This is typical violation of ethical values. However, the professionals have never worried in making these violations.

With the opportunity of social network marketing or the online marketing, one should take care in not to violate the cultures or harass people of different regions. The contents used for marketing products should not violate the ethical terms. For smaller companies the task is easy, since their target would be local industries or people of local region. They need not worry too much in harassing other cultures. However, for larger companies, they have a tedious job in maintaining their business ethics. Often these larger companies have ethical officer, whose job is to maintain ethics within the organization as well as to customers or public. Sometimes, companies may sell lower standard products bribing the government officials, which is a clear form of ethical violation. Ethical issues in business are particular in certain areas. The business organization must take care and plan well to avoid these ethical issues.

3 Issues With Starting Your Own T Shirt Printing Business

Printing T shirts for profit is totally doable for people who have the resources to invest in the right equipment and who do their research and expand their knowledge regarding the different ways designs can be applied to blank shirts.

The market for printed T’s is huge; nearly everyone on the planet owns at least one. They have become a common way people to exercise their right to self-expression and are a classic wardrobe staple.

However, there are also a lot of rampant misconceptions regarding the degree of difficulty involved and the kinds of problems that can be encountered when starting a T shirt printing business.

So before you invest in expensive equipment and printing out your marketing collateral, let’s go through some of the most common misconceptions and issues in the T shirt printing business:

Issue # 1: Computer generate heat transfer designs

Yes, heat transfer is a pretty easy way to mass produce certain designs. If you’re smart about how you use your equipment and find out what materials are suitable for heat transfer, then this can be a good start to having a successful custom T shirt business. A lot of people have successfully utilized heat transfer in their T shirt printing businesses. One problem that would-be entrepreneurs run into is that heat transfer designs do not transfer well to dark shirts.

Issue # 2: Thinking that a start-up T shirt business package will teach you everything you need to know

Procuring the right equipment with an accompanying tutorial is not the end all and be all that many people selling these items would have would-be entrepreneurs believe. Doing extensive research into the type of designs you want to produce and which method would best suit your purpose and the materials available to you will go a long way into ensuring you don’t waste time and precious resources.

If you are good at working with your hands and want to produce large quantities of designs with a limited color scheme then perhaps screen printing would be right up your alley.

If you have a penchant for creating complex designs on your preferred computer program and plan on producing limited runs, then using a digital garment printer (also known as direct to garment) is probably more suited to your skill and requirements.

Don’t waste your money – there are thousands of people who purchase start-up kits with a vague promise of increasing their income without fully understanding what it means to get into this type of business. Their equipment usually ends up getting pushed to the back of their garages or storage unit until they drag it out for a garage sale during spring cleaning.

An alternative to purchasing your own equipment to use another company who specializes in contract digital garment printing to do the work for you. When doing this, you simply take the orders from your customers and have another company do the actual printing. This is a good way to get your feet wet by mastering your sales process and building a customer base before investing in equipment.

Issue # 3: Your designs are a huge part of your investment

Learning the processes involved in the different techniques used in the T shirt printing business is only the tip of the iceberg – your artwork is a huge part of your design and printing business. Your artwork is what will attract potential customers to your brand. You also need to match your artwork with the appropriate T shirt material and printing technique to get the most out of your investment.

For silk screen printing, for example, you need to be careful with how you organize and set-up your artwork. Any deviation will result in wonky-looking shirts that will fail to meet your client’s expectations. The easiest designs to work with for silk screen printing are the ones that involve text and simple art.

When you decide to start any business venture, make sure that you put in a lot of research before making a huge financial commitment like purchasing equipment or procuring a space for your business. Forums dedicated to the apparel decoration industry are a great way to gain new perspectives and share ideas with other entrepreneurs.

Four Vital Insurance Issues for Your Cleaning Business

Many people establish a cleaning business as a part time venture and before they know it, they have expanded without considering the different but vital cleaners insurances they need.

Failure to have adequate insurance can be a costly lesson and could compromise your business before you even get fully off the ground.

Therefore, it is important to consider the vital insurance issues and address them to ensure that your business is safe and viable in the long term.

1. Liability Insurance:

Liability cleaner insurance is not just needed for property damage. While there is the potential for damage to be caused due to the harsh chemicals often used, the most pressing need for liability insurance is for accidents or injuries. For example, if you are cleaning floors in a clients home or business premises and someone slips on a damp floor, you could be liable for any medical bills and pain incurred. This could range from basic hospital treatment through to a covering more serious medical issue which could require months of rehabilitation. This is the main reason why liability insurance is mandatory for all businesses.

2. Tool Insurance:

Whether you are using basic cleaning tools or more specialist equipment, you should consider your tools when purchasing cleaners insurance. Collectively, your tools may cost a large sum, which may be extremely difficult to replace in the event of damage or theft. Additionally, without your tools, your business would grind to a halt, leaving your customers disappointed and looking for a replacement service. This could lead to a long term detrimental effect on your business, costing you a fortune. Insurance provides the protection and reassurance that should your tools be lost, damaged or stolen, they can be quickly replaced to allow you to continue working with the minimum of disruption.

3. Workers Compensation:

Once your business begins to expand and you take on employees, then you will need to purchase workers compensation insurance. All of the Australian states require businesses to obtain adequate workers compensation insurance, whether your workers are part time, temporary or voluntary. This insurance provides you with financial protection, should your employee be injured or become ill due to the job.

4. Income Protection:

When you are running your own business, it is very easy to forget that you are your company’s number one worker. This means that you will need to protect your income in the event that you are sick or injured and unable to work. Whether this is related to an on the job injury such as a slip or fall, or related to a medical issue, income protection will ensure that you do not suffer financially from being unable to work.

7 Confidence Building Business Issues Women Leaders Must Learn to Succeed

Women leaders need the confidence to keep learning about organizations and being effective in their leadership abilities. Identifying and getting information on some of the issues is not always easy to find. Yet, without this insider information, women leaders can find their confidence remains low when it comes to being able to be a real power broker who gets things done. This article presents 7 business related issues women leaders must learn about in order to build real confidence as a leader.

Organization Development: Leaders must have the confidence to know how an organization is put together in order to be able to lead all parts of the organization. To simplify this concept, think of an organization like an automobile. You might know that you put gas in the tank when it’s empty, but if you don’t know that you also have to keep the oil clean and fill other fluids your automobile is not going to run correctly. The organization doesn’t run by one unit. Knowing how the organization functions as a whole is true organization development. Many leaders are not clear about this concept and find their companies and organization suffering as a result.

Organization Growth: Similar to knowing how an organization is developed, a leader needs to have the confidence to properly grow her organization. Organization growth patterns differ according to the different types of organizations. It’s important to design methods to forecast future needs of your organization or company in order to make right decisions for growth. Leaders without knowledge of how growth affects all aspects of the organization will find that some decisions result in dysfunction instead of increases.

Systems Concepts: Another concept that few leaders have strong confidence in is really understanding systems concepts. This lack of understanding is easy to see when a leader seems to get hit by what seems like sudden changes in the economy or society that negatively affects their company. While it sounds complex, the basic explanation of systems in organizations is that every organization or group that exists is effected by what goes on around it. Another concept of systems is that whatever you do to one part of the origination will affect the rest of the organization.

Power Issues: Women leaders must have confidence to know how to use power to get things done. Power can be gained through position or by having resources others desire. One resource is your knowledge base and knowledge really is power in organizations.  Having power means being able to reach goals, quicker and easier than those without the power. Gain power by being willing to use your leadership to take on high profile positions. Get your name out and take calculated risks that let you gain visibility.

Politics in Business: Acting politically takes a lot of confidence. It means knowing when to speak and what to say when you speak. You have to understand change of command and when to approach one person over another in a business. Being politically savvy is important to advance your career as a leader. It’s important to understand business politics and be able to use your skills to influence others in a positive and effective manner.

Build Networks: Women leaders need strong networks of influence makers who can get things done. This is a part of the power and politics of leadership. Knowing people who have power is a key confidence builder for women leaders to use in order to move ahead.  Go to the right gatherings where you can be in the company of people who have contacts and information you need to get your goals met. Be willing to stand out from the crowd and make your mark as a risk taker worth knowing.

Look the part: Your physical appearance is a visual way to show your confidence as a leader. You have to look like a leader to be considered a leader. That means dressing for the part at all times; and even a trip to the grocery store means dressing to impress. That doesn’t mean having to wear high heels all of the time but it does mean being well groomed with a style that says “professional.” Take time to create a professional wardrobe that you can count on to take you to any occasion at any time of day.

Each of the issues presented above can be quite complex in nature. Some can take years to master when you try to do this alone. But taking time to learn important organization issues will build your confidence to be a leader who gets things done in an effective manner. You will feel less intimidated by others, you will move easier in the high powered world of leadership and your self confidence will greatly increase in your role as a woman leader.