How to Learn About Small Business Law Issues for Maryland Business Owners

No matter where a business is located, there will be many different and unique small business law issues based on your geographic region or locale.

When it comes to Maryland small business, the same certainly applies, and it’s important to be familiar with some of the common issues you may run into, as well as some of the specific legislation which is out there and can affect your business’s operation. is the official online home of the Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development. This website provides a huge range of resources which can be incredibly helpful for a Maryland business owner, including a guide to small and medium-sized business law issues for Maryland businesses.

This guide is entitled “The Guide to Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Maryland”, and it’s an 88-page document filled with a hefty load of legalese. It’s certainly hard to sort through, or make sense of. That’s one of the many reasons why working with a Maryland small business lawyer will prove to be a smart decision – he or she will be completely familiar with all issues, legislation and more which will have an impact, and will know the right way to set your business up, protect your business, file all documents appropriately, and much more.

However, the document is useful in and of itself, and you may want to know some of the common small business law issues which could arise.

One of the major, unique areas of concern will be state and local taxes. To begin with, all businesses need to file the Combined Registration Application, which is available online.

Maryland businesses do not separately pay local taxes though, it’s all handled through the state. Meanwhile, sales and Use Tax in Maryland is currently 6%, while the Maryland corporate income tax rate is at 8.25%. In addition, estimated tax payments to the state are required for all corporations whose tax liability is projected to exceed $1,000.

Beyond the guide and seeking assistance from a Maryland small business law firm, business owners can contact state departments directly for more information. These include the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health unit (MOSH), Maryland Commission on Human Relations, the State Department of Assessments and Taxation, and more.

There is a great deal of information available for you when it comes to Maryland small business law issues, so be sure to seek it out, and seek legal advice or protection when you need it most.